Marble and Granite from Waste

“Granite is a natural product whose beauty comes from the porosity, crystalline quartz structure, fissures, movement of the conglomerate mineral composition, veining, and grain.

It can have very hard minerals as part of the composition in addition to the quartz content.  

It is very dense  and heavy , making a massive countertop,  available in large slab sizes, and varieties are available from all over the world.  There is a boom in granite use currently, driven by lower prices caused by import material, a surge in the number of  shops fabricating granite due to the ease of fabrication and the high profit margin.

Wow, sounds like I sell granite!   Yes, I do, but like any material, what makes it good can also make it bad.   Being a multi-material shop, we have no reason to avoid talking about the weak points of countertop materials.  Below are the key issues of granite, with a very brief description and a link to a page that discusses the issue in detail.

World wide availability has given the consumer a wide range of choices, yet many of these countries do not have the infrastructure to deal with the environmental damage, nor the social costs from worker deaths and injury, exploitation of workers,  and even the use of child labour to process quarry scrap into export products.  India, Africa, Brazil, and China are the worst offenders, but socially responsible granite is a rare find.  Some countries are considering a granite export ban until these issues have been addressed.