Marble and Granit system with special filler 

First of all we offer a tailor made, turnkey project what we give the hardware producer.

The system was tried out in 1982. The Hungarian Dunabogdány Agricultural Cooperation made in a Marble factory from the different size marble waste a bloc. The bloc was a metal form which had 200 cm x 100 cm x 100 cm. on a vibrating table. The metal form was filled with different size of marble waste. Between the greatest pieces was many smallest till the 2-3 mm size. Then they put into the polyester for the quantity about 20 % white, special over-coated filler and the other 80 % was washed sand, This polyester was putting into the bloc. After 24 hours the bloc was broken the marble which was hard and same as what they had from they mines. They cutting it for 50 sheet and polished as the others. See the photo !

First of all we offer a feasibility study. The price is 40000 GB Ł

  • which payment after to order the project will reduce from the total price.


1 Purpose
2 scope of supply for the study
2.L Technical base data of the pre-engineering
2,Z Scope of engineering and Coordination
2.3 List of deliverables
3 Time schedule
4 confidentiality
5 Drawings. descriptions and IP-rights
6 Price
7 payment schedule
8 payment conditions
9 Other Terms
10 Exclusions & exceptions
10.1 Other issues
+ Business plan

For asking we made sample at the buyer for agreed in the price.         

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