Solar Research and Development Ltd.

is a technological and system developing chemical research firm. Previously from 1988 till 2010 it had been called Kordimex Kft, later its name became Solar Technológia Kft.
The firm was established in 1988 by Jenő Marton and Zsuzsanna Berze, associate members were Gábor Bakány, a chemist and  István Dr. Gortvay, a lawyer. The No.225-506 patent is theirs.

Our main strength is problem solving. Between 1988 and 1999 we found solutions to mechanical problems, and between 1994 and 1999 we took out patents for a number of methods.
In 1955 together with another firm we established another company specialising in surface treating. We surfaced different materials, like sulphur, zinc, manganese and white filler.

The tests in the Taurus Rubber Factory were successful, and we started putting our product into circulation, it was called Supralox. Later on because of some financial problems of our partner the factory was closed down.
In 2000 we came across the problem of insoluble sulphur, which is made from normal, eight atomic sulphur in different ways.
It costs 200 dollars/ton, while the price of sulphur that is insoluble in rubber is 1700-1800 dollars/ton.
This sulphur must be stabilised, because in the open air it becomes normal, eight atomic sulphur again.

In 2000 we thought of producing insoluble sulphur using solar energy, because it makes it a lot cheaper.
While our firm was dealing with export and import activities we were doing the tests, and in 2004 we submitted our invention first in Hungary, then to WIPO, in the USA and in Israel.

In Hungary we got the patent (registration number: 225-602/HU). We produced heat conveying liquid mainly from sulphur and some other additives. Its trade name is SULFAD.
The Hungarian firm was closed down, then our new firm was registered by the England and Wales Registry Court.
There are three owners of the new firm, the director is Jenő Marton. The owners are: Éva Marton, Szabina Sebestyén and Zsuzsanna Berze who is a partner inventor of some patents.

Marton Jenő Jenö Marton Ph.D.Chem.
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Zsuzsanna Berze
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Szabina Sebestyén


The new HTF for
combined trough and tower system.



Real marble and granite
from waste processing. 



Coated rubber
feedstock production.